Family History

About Us

It all began ...

… back in 1936 when Sebastian Nicholas Stephanopoulos, the man who later-on became the Archbishop of the town of Kastoria, and while still a student at the apicultural School of Marousi, invested his few savings in the purchase of some baskets and a few langstroth hives. With his ongoing efforts, his patience and his dedication those few baskets turned into a fully-fledged traditional beekeeping enterprise situated next to Ancient Olympia, that keeps growing since.

The year 1946 ...

... constituted another landmark-year for the growth of the family business. The operation passed over to George Stephanopoulos, Sebastian’s brother. Anastasios Stephanopoulos, the founder’s nephew, who remained dedicated to the same values took over the business in 1970 and through his love, dedication and hard work converted it into the modern enterprise it still is today, enjoying nationwide absorption.

Today, the torch passes over ...

… to the third generation of off-springs, to John Stephanopoulos, a graduate of the Athens Faculty of Agriculture and to George Stephanopoulos, who is a graduate of the Athens Faculty of History and Archeology. The family business today is trading under the name “Iliaki Melissokomia” (“Heliaki Apiculture”), carrying the advantage of a lengthy experience in the area of beekeeping and of being equipped with modern machinery, which aligns tradition and modern consumer demand in a smooth manner.

Iliaki Melissokomia avails of over half a century experience in the field.

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