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The rich and fertile land of our ancestors on which we tread carefully and respectfully upholding the holiness and the tradition of its soil, the one chosen millennials ago by the Greek Gods of the Olympus as their place of fair-play and worship. We carry-on with pride our heavy history that obliges us to perform in complete harmony with nature.


Our way to play with words, sounds and nature. A wordplay inspired by creation, respect and gratitude. Our personal way to say “thank you” to the elements of nature and perpetuity. Our approach to apiculture.

Our Philosophy

We abide by the charm of the narrative that wants the extinction of the bee to spark the end of mankind linking the fate of both in a powerful bond which dictates the utmost respect for this rare insect that adds only nutritional wealth to our lives. Our views on honey were pure long before our products became pure. Every bee-sting that we suffer during the production of honey is a kind reminder that the value lies in both, the journey, as well as in the destination.

Our Products

Aligned to the idea of the famous Greek hospitality, at Iliaki Melissokomia we put the consumer at the center of it all. No efforts are being spared and no distance is too long when it comes to safeguarding a production that observes the highest standards in quality and taste. Coupled with unmatched levels of personal commitment, our inexhaustible love for what we do and the support of modern packaging processes compliant with highest hygiene requirements and industry certifications (ISO, HAACP), we pride ourselves on offering the perfect consumer experience. To us, the notion of taste has multiple destinations: Your senses, your health, your mood and your overall well-being. Our response to all of that carries the name of OLYBEEA.